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    Nathan the stonk market is indeed open tomorrow despite it being "Indigenous People's Day". I am sure it will be volatile, no way the markets had WW3 factored in but who knows.

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    It’s vary hard to believe it was a sneak attack by land air and sea and nobody had no idea it was about to happen in fact I don’t believe it I’m sure they let it happen just like the start of virtually every modern war

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    You're sounding grounded, Nathan. Best wishes, brother.

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    Always so good to hear your thoughts on this kind of stuff. You are totally easy to listen to because you're not a brainwasher Nathan.

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    Are you selling Lift the Veil tees now, like the one you're wearing on this cast?

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    I know what an arcade is too Nathan.

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    Heeeeey, girlfriend. I read an article that said the war in Israel started due to the country being anti Daylight Saving time. Can you confirm this?

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    So glad to see your back. Please look into Lahaina fires for us, a long time listener
    . Thank You & Mahalo

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    We need u to intervene . You are the messiah

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    Good to see you Nathan, hope you're well

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    Nathan try to watch Bobby Kennedy's speech today from Philadelphia. HE is very presidential. It was like no other person I have heard before. I was impressed. Now independent. See why.

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    Your quote in this video 'I don't know what's real'… I'd buy that tshirt

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