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  1. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you.

  2. Non-credible snowflake codswallop.

  3. Pretty sure you said honeybee, that’s my long time childhood name.i also am sure that I may have talked to you…..

  4. When good men do nothing.. evil prevails. GUYS! Send Michael some money. He needs help,financially.

  5. How's that going for you . Debunking.. Q..T2020Q

  6. I'd ask police if that's what they told Newsweek, that his claims weren't credible and since they couldn't bother to tell him, then maybe he needs to go to the Mayor. Newsweek may have just twisted what the cops said.."Mirror World, ya know? ://

  7. To hell with fighting these people need to be euthanized. What are we to do when the system is blatantly failing us and our children? What are we to do when when the powers that be victimizes us and dares us to do something about it? That’s seems to be what they’re doing in my eyes. There becomes a point when we’ll have nothing to lose. A life of abuse and tyranny is no life at all so the answer is quite obvious to me.

  8. God plants his seeds in particular areas so that they will be a beacon of light for others. Those who do not come to the light or try to help in some way will have have to answer to him. Do what you can Michael and stay safe. What I've learned from life is, nothing stays hidden in the closet forever. Like that Truman show, you are all Trumans and are being watched and recorded 24/7. No one can truly get away with anything.

  9. my heart breaks for these children. thank you for stepping up to protect them. this thing is dark, the people involved are sick, and its rampant.. creating space for people to speak out is the only way.

  10. I'm less then 10 minutes in this video and I'm already suspicious, maybe disinformation. I have a theory about trauma, victims seem to have one eye smaller then then other, this guy has it. And abusers seem to have a Winnie eye that gets worse with time and more crulity.

  11. I would question someone who would have his entire body with tattoos and rings on his lower lip.

  12. Iam surprised krappy hasn't got everyone censored yet.Everybody fuck the laarp isacc krappy pants

  13. first story of yours ive watched Nathan that I feel you really abandoned your speaker right out there…… i know its his story not yours… ive watched a lot of your videos and subscribed.. so ive liked you stuff. a lot.. up until this video… you are being extra harsh with some one whos come forward and is having a hard time doing so.

  14. There are some extra things that should be said. These musician people, coffin making people don't have a lot of money. There's a lot of money in selling kids' time to rich creeps. They collect these kids, they groom them, give them drugs, get them ready for the ugly old rich creeps. The kids think its cool to be in that party world.
    I think they probably went after Michael once they knew he had a young child, and maybe he'd like to sell his child is what they were thinking, him looking hip and all.
    Michael was previously a victim. Bad people can see that, like as if its written all over him. But they didn't count on how strong he is.
    I think Michael is a hero. I'm worried about him.

  15. What does it take for people to realize Macauley Kulkin is a pedophile?

  16. Your cat is as lazy as mine. Must be nice. Meow.

  17. jfc ive been to voodoo so many times….no 🙁

  18. There is a voodoo doughnut over here in Eugene as well. I also suspect there are tunnels underneath some of these establishments downtown.

  19. Be careful. Tons of shill videos were just published about all of you being "fake Christians" and promoting pedophilia. A lot of doublespeak and weirdness. Anyway, this dude needs to stop trying to fit in with weirdos. Find some Christians and stay away from the world. This same stuff goes on in my major city. Just cut off that lifestyle completely. What we're seeing with this guy, is an example of what is going to happen, and is happening to all other artists and musicians who want to get famous. This is how they decide whether they want to fund you and use you, or not. Sadly, a lot of people are, and will give in. Because they're not Christian, so they don't know how to protect themselves.

  20. When I heard about them near the Colorado border, I thought, how sick, obviously "MK ultra" Vril satanists who abuse their workers and others, as an Occult.

  21. Someone notify Anonymous group! Maybe they can help to shut these perverts down!

  22. Many ppl lating r saying that our voting does not have any effect on who is going to be president.. I now believe that the Zionists have been putting their puppets in the while hse since the very first president..

  23. I'm @ 20 minutes. I ascertain this man being interviewed tried to report or / and expose child abuse / trafficking at that creepy Voodoo Doughnut place.
    So far he has had his home broken into and robbed to the tune of 30,000.$, the police didn't believe his reports and he has been gang stalked.
    This is a massive COVERUP!
    No justice.
    I am hoping but moreover PRAYING FOR CORRUPTION TO BE UTTERLY DESTROYED & eliminated from our society and the whole world! And SOON.
    It cannot happen soon enough

  24. I’m from there and he’s right about locations and tunnels. Those old tunnels are also connected to the old pizza parlor

  25. you don't like Trump? who was the last president that supported all of the pedo arrests that are happening? this host for real? just here to listen to Mike

  26. I hope they don't murder the tattoo dude he has a son.

  27. Thank you Jesus answered Prayer to set the captives to this are being set Free so Thankful let all the earth Praise his name He is coming soon he loves us all

  28. Jesus is helping us he will use people to fulfill that know for sure . more pedophiles have been arrested in the history of mankind right now so thankful for more answered prayer from Yahshua

  29. People who decry the two party system are frauds. There are so many of them online. If the parties are the same, then I guess mass suicide is the only answer? The wickedness that we are all researching is obviously hysterically against President Trump. Only a moron and a fraud would not conclude that Trump is the good guy. These guys are all paid contributors and promoters of the coming one world religion, that will be lead by the Anti-Christ.
    Don't be fooled by these new age spiritualist. The deep state knows we stopped watching the MSM so they've come online to muddy the waters. The easiest way to tell a fraud is to notice those that say that Hillary is basically the same as Trump. Obvious.

  30. Pedophilia, of course it’s real, but these dudes are Fake!


  32. The only question I have is who is the bigger shill, this guy or David Seaman?

  33. If I saw pedos abusing children I would move heaven and earth and get them the hell out of there. You wouldn’t be able to stop me short of pumping me full of bullets.

  34. People are chomping at the bit to praise this guy to high heaven, and granted he DOES seem very honest, sincere, concerned, and bright, yet something smells very weird; the huge problem that I have with this testimony that they KEEP reiterating is purely ONLY this guy's word, is why didn't he ever get even one recording of these conversations/admissions from these alleged discussions that he had with insiders??? There are quality digital recorders for like 20 bucks that cancel out background noise etc. Makes NO sense when he COULD have EASILY acquired at least ONE actual recorded evidence of these alleged conversations, so that they would not just be "alleged" conversations, and would lend him major cred, prove his testimony, yet he just didn't ever bother to?
    Additionally, he could have videorecorded this "art show" with a camera small enough to fit in a fucking shirt button, yet just kinda didn't and chose to keep it his word against theirs when he COULD HAVE VERY EASILY ACQUIRED SOME HARD EVIDENCE, makes NO sense at all! If he were as fired up about this as he seems to be, wouldn't he have taken these SIMPLE steps to acquire proof? After all, the art show happened well after he had become red-pilled to the goings-on and was investigating.
    And don't gimme any scared for his life BS; he is, according to him, being confrontational with these people, and showing his mug and saying these things publicly which should be more than enough to get him knocked off. When something smells fishy, something IS fishy. I want to believe, I really do, but it REEKS of a limited hangout or some other type of discrediting-of-witnesses campaign. Take NOTHING at face value.

  35. Thanks mate , but this guy is on some serious opiates in one form or another. I can tell many years of diagnosis under my belt .
    ei: pupils, talking speed , twitches , how he’s smoking , contradicting himself.
    I’m not saying what he is saying is false , but the boy is doped up…
    I’ve learned it’s hard to believe junkies . Just saying .

  36. Bombshell RE: credibility/veracity

  37. I was on the streets in Portland a few different times and I would always walk by voodoo donuts and see lines of people waiting for donuts. I didn't go their cause they have that name and those people must be under a spell to be waiting in lines like that

  38. Michael, you may receive more help if you purify your life. You need to understand that your death metal IS Satanic music. That is why you continually brush up with evil people and pedophiles. Get out of it. You can't do much good if you remain in the evil realm. You need to sharpen your stance. You have to choose a side. Good or evil. Get out, and pray. God will help you. I wish you the best.

  39. They are open with you about it because they know they will get away with it. You are no real threat to them until you get out of that lifestyle. You don't seem to get the fact that their ceremonies, prayers, and pedophilia, including their pedovore activities does bring them power. Until God wants to put a stop to it, it will continue. Remember the Hebrews were in bondage in Egypt for 400 years, and then God heard their cries and took action. I guess their has to be enough pure cries before God will put it to an end. Get out of the life. I am sorry, but that includes the music.

  40. Then why does the police say don't have any records of any complaints from this guy & that they don't even know this guy & or any such names????

  41. i hate to say this, but we, the non-satanists, need to "remove' these "people" ourselves if we want this to stop

  42. The guy is right about the 2 party system. A big majority of people that see through the media hoaxes and false flags just decided to sell that belief down the river and take Trump’s sermon to heart. SGT always did and does make great videos, but it blows my mind that him and a lot of his supporters flip flopped.

  43. PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE have him cover is back ground for safety purposes

  44. I found Mikey surprisingly credible. I totally agree with him about losing faith in the two-party system. Yes, a few years ago, people were starting to see the duality of it and the uselessness of it. He is right. He speaks honestly and credibly. Good interview. Thank you.

  45. Did he get photos of the parties he was at? That would be great evidence.

  46. I dont know about this…. its EXACTLY like comet ping pong… probably a disinfo op that is based on real child trafficking… but it won't ever get investigated because this is like the highest level crime, in terms of govt entities that are involved. I mean, a donut shop with tunnels?… vs a pizza place with tunnels?… come-the FUCK-on!!!… this story is going NOWHERE…. I think, some higher level person approached this Tres Shannon guy and said, find some guy, and basically show him how you/we are related to child trafficking… then let him "get the word out", and then we can discredit some more alt-news outlets.

  47. God bless you both for speaking up about these atrocities against children! May God keep you safe!
    (On a lighter note, I had to laugh when I noticed your cat asleep in the background).

  48. On one of alafanis’ Instagram messages before they went private, an SCummings made a post.

  49. If u dont agree with the left your far right to them. Im fine with that.

  50. Good luck with Portland PD. Mayor Ted Wheeler is satanic.

  51. Where is the first interview please

  52. This guy had huge gauge earrings before, looks like he had them removed. Seems painful to get all that skin clipped off but I don't know.

  53. Tried sending Mikey some cash through the link in the description and paypal is telling me "the recipient accepts paypal payments only through their website. To complete this payment please go to their website,". Any help here?

  54. "Court records show Whalen was the subject of eviction proceedings from his apartment in east Portland at the time. Both he and Stoplman asked viewers to contribute to Whelan’s PayPal — which has also been shut down — throughout the Lift the Veil broadcast.
    The channel, run by former luxury car salesman Nathan Stoplman, is known for pushing conspiracy theories, including alleging celebrities and businesses are either Satanists or pedophiles, popular targeting techniques of online harassment campaigns."

  55. Veil, i knew i didn't like you. Donald J. Trump is working hard to destroy this satanic child trafficking. Unbelievable!!!!!!
    Your a FOOL!!!!!!! VEIL.
    MEN AND CATS……….
    KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!

  56. This is an advertisement for Voodoo Doughnut.
    This guy has so much "proof" and "evidence" open and shut case. Too bad we don't live in a fantasy world

  57. May God help you! Praying for you and your family! Thank you for your bravery! #SaveTheChildren Hugs!!

  58. Trump supporters aren't 'far right' – that's a fake narrative to keep Americans divided. His supporters span the political spectrum, even progressives – over 33% of them former Bernie supporters. We're the vast pro-MAGA middle being totally ignored by the entire press pushing the fake left/right narrative, including the 'conservative' press that's mostly controlled opposition.

  59. Nathan, if you're not yet familiar with Jay Parker you're missing some key pieces of the puzzle. Nobody tops him in knowledge and insight into this whole sordid, shocking subject and beyond into healing. Michael asks 'why children?' while Jay explains it as a survivor who's healed and has a mission to help others heal. You'll know he's legitimate in short time. Many excellent interviews on YT – here's the first one I saw, with Lucas Alexander of Age of Truth:
    Jay recently started his own channel:
    His YT channel: The Center Path:
    Jay's website:

  60. Praying for this brave Good man.

  61. Kappy is linking this video as if it's new today?? I'm confused. That fakkin guy…

  62. This guy is full of shit

  63. I’ve had the chance to visit some bars in the musician circle around town in Portland and let me tell you, I wouldn’t doubt this man’s story for half a second. I’ve definitely heard of some rapey sex abuse shit going on in this town. Would be happy to name a bar or two if anyone was interested. Contact me privately. There is some bar owners around town who have lots of minions and get away with anything they want. It comes out in the public music Facebook groups now and again. I totally believe this guy and it happens just like he says. Meet a few people, play a few shows. Go to a few bars and end up at some creepy part somewhere with a bunch of satanist/gothy looking people. Can happen very quick. This is that kind of town for sure.

  64. May our Father in Heaven protect and sustain this young man. Bless him and his courage.

  65. You know all the organic militias blah blah blah on about being locked and loaded…..just dyyyying for something to do. Well here's your mission ; protect the whistle blowers. Actual live witnesses to what's really going, speaking out and putting their lives on the line.


  67. I believe it 100 percent. More and more people are waking up. We all know what happened to Kappi too. They believe we are stupid. Let them think so …

  68. This guy speaks in such an intelligent manner.

  69. He is well spoken and believable. You can see it right in his face and expressions. Should be able to get protection and NAME NAMES!

  70. I absolutely believe this man 100%. Anyone who loves him needs to help and protect him. He is a hero.

  71. Everyone needs to share this everywhere. Michael is stepping up exposing the truth. We owe it to him to share his message.

  72. Hope this Mike guy is well today. Hope he and his family have left Gomorrah and lives in a safe place.

  73. After what happened to Isaac, I hope Michael is safe.

  74. Great to see someone willing to come out and expose with details about what is going on in the world, the more the merrier.

  75. Please keep this brave young man safe. You are so inspiring Nathan.

  76. Nathan this is a fantastic interview! I believe you. He’s telling the truth!

  77. Nathan, I'm a subscriber and appreciate what you do. I find you to be intelligent, thorough and credible.

    I was surprised to learn your opinions of President Trump and Q. President Trump has been the catalyst for the arrests of many pedophile rings since the beginning of his presidency. It's one of the reasons he agreed to run.

    I recommend that you check out these YouTube channels, in this order: "Mark Taylor's Official Channel," Lance Wallnau, and Praying Medic.

    Praying for this Michael and his son and for what is being done in darkness to be brought into the light. He is very articulate and credible. I agree that no one should sit idly by and allow children to be abused in any way. I wouldn't.

  78. How can you not support the best president we've had in a long long time?

  79. Thank you for your courage. I'm all in for any action against these sick evil perverted abusers. Not thrilled with your interviewer.

  80. 59:20 I love your soul, your anger, your determination. You are a survivor.

  81. VOODOO DOUGHNUTS = 1150 (Reverse ASCII Ordinal)

    Mickey Mouse = 1150 (Reverse ASCII Ordinal)

  82. Excellent standing up for children!

  83. This man is so clearly telling the truth in my opinion it’s the first time I’ve EVER heard allegations and had my jaw drop. I’ve looked over evidence of things like this online and none of it had an impression the way his story is having right now. He’s a hero.

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