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  1. q. all powerful being from star trek. bored, making mischief.

  2. Nathan, you have very nice white teeth. I have teeth envy. 🙂
    Anyway, have you watched the new video put out by Max Igan on his thecrowhouse channel called, How We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See It. I have a similar point of view as him.
    Do you have a bumper sticker saying, Doshi for President and Doshi Rules?
    I like your scepticism on topics and I need to get me more scepticism without overlooking truth aspects. Otherwise the truth gets lost in all the distractions and that's what I want to focus on —> identification and Solutions to a better life.

  3. It's clear that you have not been following Q from day one.

  4. Jordan Sather believes in and pushes the Corey Goode blue space chicken psyop.

  5. Amazing son that is the point people are so blind they can see a Blind person can't guide a Other Blind why ? No Body in USA ask about Israel a Country have to give billions of dollars to a Country don't have to do nothing with USA????

  6. yep, it's not helping people look at the issues that standing against would actually produce change, for example global fractional banking, abuse to children through social engineering, trafficking etc, also adults financial-work-slavery system that has a lot of tentacles that are set to be put in place with 5g 2020. Distractions to look at this over here while that over there keeps rolling along is the mastermind planning to keep everyone from rising against the global corrupt system that doesn't free people, but turns them into bigger slaves to corporations.

    I remember as a kid my brother would ask for my quarter in exchange for giving me 5 pennies. They'd say they're giving me more than I have, based on amount. I was too young and trusting to know I was scammed through trickery. This is the same thing. They provide an amount of truths and in exchange the population doesn't demand action on the big and real issues that would free them up and produce healthy change.
    And here we are with global political parties and corporations in place with everything running like business as usual.
    We need global grassroots groups to get to the root of the big issues that are entwined at the roots mentioned above.

  7. Very impressive and bold report.  Bravo.  Well down.

  8. Would you do a show on explaining Zionism and the other stuff you mention in more detail for those of us that don't know?

  9. Wouldn't be surprised if Alex Jones is Q

  10. Author, researcher Gerald Clarke (7th Planet, Mercury Rising; Anunnaki of Niburu) said that JERUSALEM was the proclaimed capitol of Anunnaki god Enlil (aka Yahweh). Historically, this hollowed ground was lost in many successive wars and invasions over thousands of years, but the turf-wars continue today (ahem… involving followers of other Anunnaki gods). Nathan is correct in stating the "Cabal" is only one faction seeking control of Jerusalem (the Levant), and Trump represents another faction. Since ZION is the goal of Trump's faction, we can assume that Enlil/Yahweh is the unseen "Power" (Powers and Principalities in the Bible) behind these moves. The people of Earth are the chattel of our historic Anunnaki progenitors who came here eons ago.
    The Sumerian cuneiform texts from 3,000-4,000 years ago clearly state this and supersede the biblical narrative, which essentially condenses and redacts the Sumerian texts.

  11. Any more discussion about Q is now like watching paint dry – excruciatingly boring. At least Jason Goodman is not wasting 1 minute on Q. He is progressing, nonetheless.

  12. Well done, Nathan. You successfully articulated my opinion and feelings about "Q" too. I found myself nodding in agreement with every sentence you spoke. And that doesn't happen often for me. Well done indeed.

  13. Q is just a "heads up" to you stupid troofers, that the nwo elite are on the way out. That's all it is. Quinn Michaels is an idiot who is pushing his own psyop about AI lol.

  14. You have the best show Nathan!

  15. If I had some spare time I would be doing a Steemit post with a map of all the QTubers, how many have been on InfoWars (like Jordan), how many have military/police/deep state backgrounds (or guests like that on their show). I have the map in my head, as I think Nathan does, it points to an organized psyop. It seems to be the same Modus Operandi as the way 4chan was used during the election, Pepe memes and /pol, pro-Trump. We can even see the pysop developing with bigger channels getting involved, even MSM talking about it now

  16. The people now watching Nathan's show are those who find it extremely difficult to switch on TV for news or entertainment, as that media has died. We are looking for a new alternative. The birth pangs of an alternative media is what we are now looking at on social media of the Internet. People like Nathan, etc need to be paid some way for their efforts. The Q people are jumping on a temporary Meme to generate traffic and subs. Last year it was Pizza Gate. Just some Meme to get young people interested, but definitely a Revolution will never come from these Meme drops, by AI which is guided by the owners of this social media.

  17. Fusion GPS is in a conspiracy with the FBI, to psy-op the American people, and convince them that the Russian dossier is real. Why don't you focus on the ENEMY. we have the number one criminal investigative agency in the United States of America, the FBI, in an attempted soft coup against the duly elected president of the United States and you're worried about exposing Q. Q is educating a lot of young people. On one hand you have the brainwashed snowflakes, on the other hand you have the gamers. We must capture the minds and hearts of the gamers…if not, THIS NATION IS DOOMED!

  18. I am also starting to believe it is a load of shit

  19. How refreshing – we all need to cultivate discernment. Thank you – well done!
    How is Steemit not a psyop?

  20. LTV is my favorite channel.

  21. Bravo Nathan for another great show. As usual you are the smartest man in the room and may end up being the last one standing. How these Q channels are going to explain this is going to be interesting. Its like Pizzagate all over again. Hopefully the MSM won't blow this up by exposing it as FAKE news and create a firestorm " Q-GATE". If the POTUS is really involved they could really twist this and make everyone that bought into it look like idiots.

  22. "NorthEastWestSouth"

    I believe FIGHTING (Revolution) will NOT win anyone anything ever!
    Ignoring and ZERO participation by everyone is everything!

  23. Seventeen is Q. It's seventeen because of the seventeen
    This chan thing has broken away beans from couch. Now moot, not that one, the other one, see you need to explain the background here. Very little of this is accidental.

  24. the doshi sticker is kool

  25. Sorry man. If you can't get to the point by 4:24 or however long it takes you to get started…

  26. Q stated it right off the bat. He was at 8chan because that is where the researchers are with great skill sets. He would post nowhere else. Would not communicate outside that forum. He was dropping questions for the researchers to find answers to with valid sources. Then to share it with friends and family or through their social media sources. It was not about Q. It was about you. The researchers are putting together the meme's and materials to show why important faces CEO's, business people and politicians are stepping down or will be indicted for crimes in the up and coming months.

    Pretty simple. Every class and professor I had would educated me the same way. They asked questions, tested me on it and depending on how well I did with those answers, I would share my new found knowledge with friends and family. Knowing I knew from where I spoke.

    The corruption behind the scene's in business and politic's had gone beyond the pale the last few decades. It's was a reality check and wake up call for the people. No AI involved. Not a fact, just speculation. You are now making this about you. The same trap Tracy and others did.

    Your slip is showing…and since you didn't follow 8chan, you have no idea how well organized the work product is coming out from these researchers and pertinent to our everyday lives. Not Trumps.

    But you aren't involved, you haven't followed for over a month, and you want me to think you know whats happening. Well what just might be happening here, is you talking out of school. Just a little bit????? Hmmmmmm

  27. would a private group not affiliated with any government conducting an effective Phyop, be considered hacking the matrixs?
    If it is a private group that conducts an effective Phyop, could it be used as leverage to create laws to limit our speech?

  28. Q is getting people to see the truth, believe in it or not. the facts prove all of the corruption and people are waking up to it.. the revolution will happen regardless of Q or not….

  29. I know I’m tired of the BS that it’s the end of the world or it’s happening. This has been going on for a long long time.

  30. Is the adorbs furry producer on holiday? 🙂 Hugs for Doshi. <3
    Nice show, Nathan; as always.

  31. It is a press to make direct comment on whether an individual is working for specific entities, BUT, naming posters as 'troll' or pointing out the 'psyop' element is totally above board…who else deals so directly and over so many personalities and issues and issues about personalities and the personalities of issues than the guy running the site?
    Make your fucking views known Nathan, WTF dude, you are an exponent above most in how much you get to pay attention to and go through. Then, lucky you. ya get to quack away.
    The whiners, when they go beyond whining about demeanor, are too SJW to participate in a public forum…just the reality, ya gotta be able to field interaction with all kinds…as you do well.

  32. Sean Hannity with deep ties to the white house says next week will be a massive storm. So stay tuned.

  33. To me, it's not as intense a description as 'controlled', but more like 'influenced'. I feel pretty independent within the construct I'm in, but must say that I'm doing grade A hindsight.
    Paying attention, one shakes much of the 'controller' energy, and then becomes more of a node of interest and gets practice working from there.
    Eastern holy men, mystics, seers, monks etc have a less personal interaction with the desires and temptations of ease and comfort suffered upon the western consumer nations. Meditation is a large part of their 'MAN, KNOW THY SELF' studies, fifteen hundred years worth for the Tibetan schools. Separating from the mind tit heroin.

  34. Nathan, you give me faith in humanity. At least someone out there has not lost their critical thinking skills.

  35. Q Anon is still active, Patriots are still following! Roy Potter knows the military code 'Q' and 'B' called out, Roy called it out for clarification. There is two meanings, one for public, one military! If your going to USE other people's video's to make your money, at least tell the truth about it! Personally I think you use other people's work for profit! You don't bring news, you criticize the work of others and call yourself news!

  36. Nice job Nathan.  You have been right from the start.  You saw the hoax coming and called it right.   Q is a massive hoax.  It's no different than crazy people predicting end of times.

  37. By the way, and if Trump really gave a shit about Americans, he would cease the practice of filling our lungs with toxic metals (AKA geoengineering, chemtrails, etc.) yesterday. All the theatrics about white hats versus black hats is meaningless drama to me, as long as they continue to force toxic metals down my daughter's, and her generation's, lungs. As far as I am concerned, and because Trump is missing in action in this arena, he doesn't give a shit about us.

  38. I want to disagree with you, but I can't. The longer this draws out, the more skeptical I'm getting. I'm starting to feel like a gullible douche.

  39. Absolutely fair enough to be suspicious. I have a fundamental question for someone like you (LtV) in a situation like this.

    Would anyhing ever convince you that something like this is not a psy-op? (Keeping in mind the form the evidence would take). If the answer is no, you're by definition closed minded. I'm watching with vigilant hope. Some questions I have. Why is the MSM patently anti-Trump? Why tax cuts? Why has an avalanche of CEOs and other high-profile people stepped down/died/been fired? Why was so much damning info leaked? Why turn attention on the Rothchilds, SA, and others? If you faced a hostile MSM and controlled corporations like Google, Twitter, FB, etc. how would you get your messages out? What would be the most viable strategy? If people are taken down (arrested etc) in the current climate, would it be reported on CNN, BBC, NY Times, etc. etc? Is it seriously plausible these outlets would report it?

    Have you checked good sources re: sealed indictments? Do you think there's a precedent to the number out there? (which you can search through Court web-systems if you have the patience–I've watched others do what I would do and checked it is doable).

    Most anon posters don't establish any credibility. If you think everything can be written off to coincidence, I can only say that in my opinion you have been almost subdued into believing everything is orchestrated by the cabal, and ask you for the proof this is so.

    There must be an alliance that wishes the control systems gone. Why? Because something keeps them in check, despite their apparently vast resources. They can't be unchecked or there'd be overt and pretty much complete oppression (for those left).

    But if there is such an alliance and those involved do not consider control and monopoly an option, how do they act against those who control? Do they not have to wait for enough people, insiders and others, to take up the quest. How could this possibly occur without breaking your own rules and seizing control of MSM, Google, etc?

    "Darkness is not just the absence of light; it’s the conviction that the light will never return.” — Justice League

    You think it's a coincidence the above message just came out? Hmm, maybe. I think it's for people like you and, honestly, me also. Whatever you think, keep it in mind.

  40. Thank you for a close analysis of what Q was about. As for me, I do not like being manipulated but I figured out Q early from reading the posts and from what Defango has been saying as he dropped crumbs for months. I find the people involved in Cicada and 4 channel etc. all the puzzles and LARPS my opinion, are being done by arrogant cynical pricks who have no conscience about messing with people's heads. Problem with Defango is he NEVER laid it out in a concise manner simply leaving clues or HINTS until recently. I am not changing my mind about those in this form of mind fuck, in fact the ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS. Jordan, in my opinion both he and Antischool come from same govt program. Jordan cane out of nowhere with thousands of subs. His spiel is justifying what the arrogant pricks have been up to. .. same with Tracy Beans who is now giving *but it woke a lot of people up* bullshit. And the counter is when people figure out they have been HAD will ensure they believe nothing and when REAL does take place many will not believe it. These gamers and YouTube phenom strike me as soulless narcissistic self promoters. But as I have been saying for some time, trust NO ONE.. whether it's Trump or Q.

  41. THIS SHOULD BE THE #1 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND HOW SOCIAL MEDIA MANIPULATION occurs, what it looks like and how to not be fooled. There is a reason WHY BILL COOPER SAID A MILLION TIMES do your own research and YOUTUBE is not phucking research!

  42. Nathan in all your travels through the world wide swamp did you ever get the feeling or thought that maybe, just maybe there is more than one N W O model?

  43. Q ppl…is like having Jehovah witness at your door.

  44. The storm has begun. DO YOU not understand that when dealing with the level of enemies we have you can't go about this in a way that will come right out into the light.(mainstream news) There are many different types of operations going on right now that all will lead up to the big story. I WISH you would do some intense research to understand and see the many unfolding events that are not in plain sight. When you see one piece of Intel it will seem like no big deal, but then you put those pieces together and then you will see the connections. Just because it's not on social media or mainstream news doesn't mean that it's not happening. There's too much corruption to think it's something that can be taken care of quickly..Watch and see for yourselves…Take care & GOD bless us all..

  45. For real Full Spectrum solutions being germinated, grown and fertilized contact below

  46. Trumps idea of great is probably the same as May's idea of great…great for who? Is the correct response

  47. Outstanding episode @Nathan!!! Well done! I agree on your entire line of thoughts…

  48. About you stressing that the players involved in the Q psyop are acting for the best, or for what they think is the best. I don't think we should have that as a default assumption. Some of them might be acting for the best that but some of them are clearly bad actors e.g. the SVV people. Look how they tried/try to destroy Quinn. Look at Defango's routine deceits. I think it's fair to assume that anyone involved in a secret society is likely to be a bad actor especially – anyone involved in a satanic secret society!

  49. I remember when bush cheney and rumsfeld were all going to jail for lying about wmds and war crimes and that never happened so i never thot q was legit. Did a video on the q psyop too saying perhaps this is a battle between the Left NWO and the Right NWO, or the whole battle is staged for distraction.

  50. Ive been called Jordon's troll for commenting that q, the alliance, the white hats and the secret space program are all mist likely psyops while he delivers them as facts because 1. he nievely believes them or 2. he doesn't believe them but delivers them as facts because he's conop (controlled opposition). It can only be one of those 2.

  51. 16:00 Classic tell of deception. Touches nose in a way that is clearly not because of an itch. He may believe what he's saying at some level, but this gesture is text-book and he knows he's spinning nonsense.

  52. lift the veil into little boys??..why else would he defend his position? you put Q #qanon #cbts in your headline for the clicks..whose the shill

  53. why would AI misspell words?
    how could AI make such predictions?
    why would AI expose corruption?
    will you retire your channel when you are wrong for 1000th time?
    how would AI predict jullian assange release?
    why would AI mention Q jullian assange twitter?
    ticktock lift the veil
    asking questions is great but you never come to any conclusions!!

  54. you have an obvious bias against Trump if you think "he hasn't done anything yet"


    pure ignorance…

  55. okay I'm done watching you…if you think that the tax cut is "adding to the defecit" and "punishing states that didn't vote for him" you're obviously too Leftist and brainwashed by MSM to be a discerning figure in this movement…stay brainwashed you fucking socialist…

  56. + Lifting the Veil So you take issue with Jordan Sather's analysis (and cast about insinuations — which quite honestly do look like jealousy) but you think Q was written by AI?

  57. I’ve been saying that Trump is Q for a while. I think it’s one or two of his aids or assistants with the final say belonging to the president.

  58. It’s a couple of his assistants and he signs off on it.

  59. The Q thing is a big hit. It’s a fucking soap opera. People huddle around the posts and pick peanuts out of poop. People act really giddy and goofy about it. Q anon is the beatles on Ed Sullivan in 150 installments for the “troof community”.

  60. Wow, dude. You lost me when you used a psychic reading in support of your hypothesis.

  61. No one knows nor can you prove it either but most youtubers are men reporting it

  62. both sides are funded…better start looking in the center.

  63. Nate. do a custom doughnut…just sayin.

  64. You are correct sir. Best analysis I have seen. It's infighting between elite factions that don't really care about us except on the occasions we are useful to them.

  65. Jordan Thayer would be cute in the Shire… looks like a hobbit

  66. you people are to quick to jump ship, You need to hold tight with the Storm, It will happen over the next year, Military Tribunals People.!! #MAGA, #NoNWO.

  67. DIfango is a head case , But Thomas paine and the Conclave , say Q is Cicada type Puzzles.

  68. Q came out and TOOK YOUR ATTENTION OFF OF VEGAS! THAT WAS PLANNED! I have been so frustrated for 7 months- please read!

    If one isn't in the tech subculture group of internet programming, codes, and creating memes, puzzles, etc; then I get this is hard to grasp that Q is a GAME piece, that's the fact.

    Of course the Q group got some predictions correct, he/they are connected to the NSA/CIA spy and computer programming business.

    Remember Hawaii? Well, Q knew that the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX wanted to sell a missile to Korea and that missle we saw was an active presentation. The Military couldn't come out and say "HEY, WE ARE SHOOTING A LIVE MISSILE THATS CONNECTED TO OUR NEW WARNING SYSTEM THAT OVERRIDES THE NEED FOR HUMANS TO PUSH A WARNING BUTTON- AND IT WORKED GREAT! IT SET OFF THE WARNING AS IT SHOULD!

    "And Hillary, Bill and Huma were there to help make the SALE, and we put NBC in a bunker to capture the public's reaction and use it as a diversion!"

    So many "PREDICTIONS" I found were set up- No doubt Q had inside info and was able to predict events. Problem is, those "hits" were to cover up what was really going on!

    The deep state kept you Q'lings entertained."

    So ask what good is anyone doing, watching Q videos? NOTHING FOR US, BUT EVERYTHING FOR THE DEEP STATE BENEFIT

    Q gave you Nothing, not a damn thing but hoping and hoping some more and kept you out of their way. That is what the deep state wanted.

    We are truly special and intelligent and we aren't emotionally moved like LIBERAL, ANTIFA, BLM snowflakes so they had to use an intelligent form of control=

    Puzzles and Codes. It was a compliment BUT ITS OVER.

    Game, set, match- we check mate them. Their game is DONE.

  69. Dude your a genius, I don't trust this Q nonsense either.

  70. Thank you!! I Trust TRUTH.

  71. China has just bailed us out in South Africa !! We are ruled by criminals and they're ruled by by bigger criminals and I'm tired of seeing human beings. My fellow man suffer.

  72. I enjoy your shows bud! Its a award winning Doshi executive produced program !

  73. Im a poor disabled man but id like a free Doshi sticker!!

  74. Btw, your no disinformation agent, but Adam Greens’ show though . I’d avoid going on his show. “Know more news”. He seems to be anti-jew.

  75. I just pray Doshi isn’t a Siamese spy hired by the Chi-coms!!

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