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  1. Britannica is going to have to redact their entry in their publication.

  2. Bring on the discovery process. Expose this fraud. All of these people are going to swing in a public square.

  3. The car was parked in creepy Genes driveway. Wow this was a sloppy job. Who believes this Bullshit.

  4. “In order to stay within the youtube guidelines we’re not going to give our opinions on what happened”

    Welcome to 1984 folks

  5. Where do you get that you have to quality to have an opinion? That is a falisy of the criminaly corrupt in our Society and should not be perpetrated as the only way to be able to ask questions about false flag black hat events.

    ALL of WE THE PEOPLE have the right to question the events and narratives put forth, period!

  6. Has Wolfgang gone on record stating he would never ever ever for any reason commit suicide?

  7. Wolf,I remember what Alex said,I heard everyone of those shows you were on,inc David knight..he has left you high and dry..After the Megyn Kelly shit show of an interview , I was honestly expecting you to be on the next show….don't think he has mentioned your name once…

  8. Alex Jones never said that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Stop f**** lying

  9. 4 minutes in, this guy is still saying nothing.

  10. The TRUTH is IT NEVER HAPPENED. If it had, it would be playing out different.

  11. When ANY shooting involves unanswered questions and federal and local authorities not showing video, people say fake! Why shouldn't they?

  12. ive always believed Wolfgang! I stopped watching Infowars after Joe Bigs left or was fired. i think he left becaise Alex reduswd to cover Pizzagate after initially reporting on it. hang in there Wolfgang. right is wrong amd wrong is right. Jesus will prevail.

  13. oh and also there are court docs from a custody battle and Alexs lawyer states that "He is just an actor".

  14. Wolfgangs definition of harassment is incorrect. In order to be guilty of criminal harassment the accused must be guilty of making overt threats and or using language that is known by both parties to be fighting language… The accuser must be put in a position that causes him to be put in fear due to a threat of imminent harm or injury or lost of life as a result of the threat… And the interpretation of the treat is not at the discretion of the accuser, but rather the interpretation of is based upon the common collective understanding of people who are reasonable (not some drama queen), therefore the threat must be a credible threat, it must be real and unequivocal and serious. If a person puts that level of threat to another person in writing or in a way that is recorded then they are guilty of harassment. If a person tells you not to contact them and you continue to do so – that is not harassment – that is free speech. If you don't threaten any body you can send them as many letters as you want. Send 100 a day if you want.

  15. Without his follow through all legal costs are lost the Sandyhook parents are likely supported in their legal defense…their attempts at attacking through the courts are to destroy financially if it never actually goes to final adjudication then they would not be liable for costs…

  16. How the hell have we been so brainwashed to believe that someone needs credentials to ask questions about anything?

  17. Adam lanzas father and the aurora movie shooters father were two men who had a lawsuit where the evidence was being stored in building 7 of the world trade center.

  18. I think that the parents of those children are most likely in fear of the Frat-Boys from Yale…THEY LIVE THAT CLOSE TO YALE, THE CROSS BONE SECRET SOCIETY, AND WHOEVER IS TERRORIZING AND/OR THREATENING THEM!!!

  19. I've watched and subscribed to Alex Jones for the last year until he got taken off utube, twitter, even PayPal..He is making a LOT LESS money now, whether YOU think so or not. He has exposed WAY MORE rotten crap going on in DC than this guy ever will hope to uncover. He gets a little wild at times, he ALSO is an entertainer, he makes his audience laugh a little, but the heads of these media giants know that Jones helped get Trump elected, the left definately does not want Jones, and now a ton of other conservative alternate news platforms, telling the TRUTH about the left, and their communist like agenda. Its 2 weeks till the election, and I cant find hardly any of the news media on utube that has a conservative viewpoint. Alex Jones has done the most of ANY website or podcast out there to show the Democrats for what they truly are and has awaken a lot of the Americans who were asleep at the wheel. He DID tell a fib about Sandy Hook,, he DID say it was fake, which it WAS! Hes back peddling it now, to save face, but he was right. Jones is picked on by the media because they HATE HIM for exposing them for the liars that they are. Jones is NOT IN ON THE ACTION with the crooked news media, thats a load of garbage.

  20. I forgot, Sandy Hook WAS A FAKE! I watched so much info about it, it was a false flag just like our crooked government has been putting on for years to accomplish WITH the crooked lying media FAKE NEWS, what they want the sheeple to hear and believe. Jones was RIGHT for calling it to our attention.

  21. On a mental health register without a diagnosis? I'm Australian, what the heck is happening to the USA? I can't help financially, but I will pray for the truth to be revealed.

  22. I love how youtube has to put a statement directly below the video screen , " Sandy Hook was real! Children died! Listen to us!"

  23. Halbig plans to represent himself. He calls it "pro bono" (getting free legal services), but I believe the correct term is "in pro per" (short for "in propria persona," which means representing yourself in court instead of hiring a lawyer.).

  24. Just as the Obama family is a CIA creation, so are these fictitious family's. I hope President Trump's Executive Order of Dec. 21st will include these fraudsters of collusion with the corrupted perpetrators of this hoax.

  25. Sandy hoock staged satanic ritual

    Yahushua with you all

  26. Dig up the Sand Hook children's graves and they will all be empty.

  27. A LOT of lefties got a LOT of money from go fund me accounts.

  28. The Romance author, Kristin Higgins, deleted me from her Facebook page for suggesting people look deeper into Sandyhook. Her husband is a fireman and apparently her son was taught by the grade one teacher who died. I am still offended that an author doesn’t support intellectual pursuit and free speech. Surely not everyone in Connecticut can be in on the lie? Best wishes Wolfgang.

  29. This is the most important interview on SH ever.

  30. Watch your back, sir! They can't afford for the truth to get out nationality. You can expose a lie to the whole world.

  31. Stay safe Wolfgang. You are so right!!

  32. Are you serious? This toad was never a detective and he tried to sell bomb detectors that do not work.

  33. He should turn the tables on thst parent and counter sue for maliscious persicution. And loss of income.
    Take him to court, mske them pay you for your costs. And once in a court room, find your vindication.

  34. Im glad your stull investigating that fals flag event.
    All the victims, there pictures and bios were posted several days before the so called event. In a chairity grab. Asking for donations for the families of the victims.
    Adsm lanzasDEATH CERTIFICATE was on file 24 hours before the shooting.
    Kill the mom. Blame a dead aytistic boy for the shooting.

    Severas people interviewed are listed in the screen actors guild. 2 were in an 2 part christmas episode of the Xfiles.
    That episode. Was named Emily.
    The poster child for sandy hook was Emily.
    Emily and her family were in a photo shoot with Barac Obama in the white house.
    Emily was wearing a darling frilly dress in the photo on Obamas lap, as the poster picture of her as a victim.

  35. I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood my note. Wolfgang is trying to expose the 'lie' by alternative methods. The deep state doesn't want the lie exposed. But like 911 and other false flag operations, the sheepeople of this country still won't believe they are all lies.

  36. ..I can't believe that the FBI didn't already arrange a "Suicide" for Mr.Halbig …of course they don't have to Kill him.. they can just slowly Poison and Disable him..or sometimes they even use Microwaves to turn their Victims Brain into a Baked Potato !!!

  37. No. Normal people who lose a child don't get paid money. There were all kinds of go fund me accounts advertised on social media at this time…one was even put up BEFOR the so called "shooting" happened. One woman from the west coast was appalled because her daughter's picture was taken off her facebook and placed as one of the 'dead' children.

  38. A very [cogent & reasonable] approach to Sandy Hook & its Drill by Wolfgang. All for a Federal Court Decision. Good job, Wolfgang.

  39. i just got a call from "a paid NRA fund-raiser, and NRA member, like you, sir" asking for an "emergency 50 dollar donation " to
    protect our rights if too many democrats get elected next week. i told her, my father was a member at the highest level, life/
    endowment member" he was at all the big meetings, steven seagal, charlie heston, all of em. i will not be making a donation due to the NRA's decision to totally ignore the efforts of mr. wolfgang halbig to expose the sandy-hook mass-shooting hoax. i said i
    see now that if the strategy of tension goes away, the pockets of the NRA board of directors get much lighter. no donation, i will
    send it directly to mr halbig, good day. oh, anyone have a comment about the synagogue shooting, 6 injured, flip that, nine,
    eleven dead, 11, shooter is 46,, add that, ten, reverse and add, 9-11-01. also i think i see the bomb on the front of the oct 29th
    post reads 11 351, 351 adds up to 9, reverse, 9-11, the zip of nyc is 10019. anyone?

  40. There was 1 fire truck and 1 ambulance on scene at Sandy Hook, and the police cars were used to block to one road to the school. Compare to the San Bernardino shooting, where 30 fire trucks showed up and 100 police cars, plus 20 medic rigs and life flight. 

    The real problem with Sandy Hook is the memorial pages created on Dec 10, 2012, a Monday and were later changed to Dec 12, then Dec 14, when it took place. It seems the planners decided a Friday with a short news cycle until the weekend would be better than a Monday.

    The dates on the pages could be updated but the cache date when the page was FIRST created is not changed and on at least 3 different account, the cache date remains Dec 10, 2012. 

    The lack of any real tears from the relatives and friends is the other item to note. It is nearly impossible for an actor or actress to FAKE cry with real tears. Less than 1% of professional actors can fake cry. We see people crying real tears all the time with even minor things like a car accident when their child is hurt. Yet, with all those deaths………you need to search long and hard to find 1 person crying tears, if that.

  41. Sandyhook was real! We are in NEED to heavy donations. Please visit SandyhookPromise immediately! Turn that grief into a haul!

  42. Donate to Wolfgang! Alex Jones attorney is a liberal and I believe he's been paid off by he left and convinced Alex Jones to change his opinion. Sandy Hook is an illusion — the truth will prevail and will be the downfall of the democratic party. We have corrupt politicians, judges, police officers, and the list goes on and on concerning the greatest hoax in American history!

  43. Sandy Bro and Donna Soto the SAME person.

  44. Sandy Hook school had been closed for years and in really bad shape. The mainstream news made it seem like the school was pristine. Watch Dear Wolfgang – Revisiting Sandy Hook – reveals actual picture of filthy, moldy school!

  45. RE: AJ….Jones is kept on a short leash..he has been compromised and intimidated..Remember when Podesta/Pizzagate was breaking news? Joe Biggs was pursuing the story..AJ fired him and shut down InfoWars investigation..

  46. Hoaxer Idiocy Alert. See comments below from usual cast of sad slandering ignorant people.

  47. Classic roster of hoaxer idiot commentary below

  48. love wolfgang. he reminds me of chris farley's motivational speaker, but he makes a lot of sense.

  49. We all know satanic Rothschild Banks..n General Electric did it..and Arora batman shootings..
    They made 43 Trillion on the last bust..Hello?

  50. I just got kicked off of Facebook for a day for supporting Halbig.

  51. Any time you hear "Active shooter" in any news it is a prepared statement regarding a DRILL at a location planned in advance to suffice Homeland Security for the PATRIOT ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. is there hard evidence that there were actual deaths in that incident? a coroner report?
    are there any of these "parent interviews" posted on YT or elsewhere?

  53. This man is a hero! God bless you Mr.Wolfgang keep up the fight for the truth! You’ve done amazing work!

  54. Wolfgang ; The NAZI STASI, police , 80+ years ago, "on the word of any Nazi sympathizer", could have "anyone" locked up in an internment camp for the "mentally accused". Just like here in God Damned America today. "Posner", is a Sympathizer for the POLICE who run scams like 9-11, and Sandy Kook, and the Queer Butt Night Club in Floriduh… etc, etc, etc. Welcome to "Their" new normal. I love you Halbig…, I took the OATH too. I have 16 years in Medical as a sort of guiding light. You speak only truths, and as crazy as those truths may sound, …you didn't do it. Like Marty said, "BRAVO".

  55. Great man, the only one left fighting to get the truth about Sandy Hook. I hope he succeeds. Every patriot should back this man up. Freedom of speech is the most important thing in a free country.
    Something is not right about Sandy Hook.
    The way police treat mr. Halbich is real bad, he is not mentally unstable at all. Please be very careful mr. Halbich, stay safe.

  56. I was wondering if the school cafeteria had a working kitchen full of food. That would have been a major clue if the school was functioning. This may have already been brought up.

  57. Alex Jones and info wars totally shit on Wolfgang credibility, I believe that was intentional. Wolfgang has done a great job of putting together a case that asks a lot of questions that need to be answered, Jones's involvement has completely set back Wolfgang cause in the public eye, the Public opinion I believe will be the only way the truth comes to light. the implications this case has is huge, revolutionary for the USA and possibly the world as we know it.

  58. Wolfgang is the best and maybe only chance to get truth about this. they are financially trying to ruin him through these lawsuits, I pray he can fight long enough to get the answers.

  59. Snack Hall pro bono with all due respect it's called Pro Se when you represent yourself my ex-husband's a lawyer LOL

  60. We are way passed the point of supply accurate information. If any foia information were to be produced you’d better believe it would be all falsified with some other crooked backstory. Wolfgang is the man.

  61. Every major school shooting in the past couple of years has broken rating records for news agencies. I would hate to think some of these are staged for ratings so they can make more money but there is a connection.


    The conspiracy theorists have shown unflagging energy. The most persistent, Wolfgang Halbig, a 70-year-old Florida man who describes himself as a retired school safety expert, said he had made 22 trips to Connecticut, wiped out his pension and spent more than $100,000, which he raised online.

    His theory is that between 500 to 700 people were involved in the "conspiracy" — including the schoolchildren, parents, teachers and police, all the way up to President Obama.

    Having been employed in the education field, I wonder if Wolfgang Halbig's wife, Kathleen Halbig, shares her husband's belief that nobody died at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12?

    Kathleen Halbig
    Personalized Learning
    Coordinator on
    Special Assignment

    Lake County

    Their son, Erik Halbig, was at the White House two days before the shooting.

    And coincidentally, on the same day of the shooting, he was arrested for a DUI in Seminole County Florida.

    There is just one moon and one golden sun, it's a small world after all…

  63. Former LEO and retired military, 2 doctorates…I’m not one of the accused ‘lowIQ’ idiots – this was a HOAX. pm me if you need weight. I am willing to join the team. I’ve seen the working files (have copies in my possession). The ‘Posners’ did not have a child that died. I have the proof-solid proof! There are FEMA documents in the LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT WORKING FILES PURSUANT TO THIS CASE THAT I POSSESS. However, being that they are unpublished federal documents, I could see 20+ years in prison. We’re in contact with Wikileaks

  64. hope someone does this With the Las Vegas shooting.

  65. If I was on the "Parents" that have collected millions from this scam, I would be very angry with "Leonard Pozner" aka Reuben Abvner or whoever the hell he is right about now. His actions are threatening to bring down the whole house of cards. We still may never see it though. Look how many people involved. The Connecticut State Police, Civil officials of Newton, Coroner's office, media, and the list goes on.

    Oh, and the reason why "Leonard Pozner" dropped the lawsuit is that isn't even his real identity. He could not afford to have that exposed. One more odd fact from Sandy Hook. Not a single family member sued the school, school board, police, town at all. Nothing. When on earth does that ever happen?

  66. All the electrical generators "are" owned by what used to be Northeast utilities/ connecticut light and power/first light/ a canadian ownded firm. So we got that. Plus we got these ppl saying stuff other ppl said. I need facts not just ppl saying things. Good talk tho good shit. Look into the background checks of the workers who were ordered and invloved in the demo of the school. Catch u on the flip pceeee

  67. Dude, get the cat tower out of your broadcast space….

  68. We need another forum besides you tube, something China doesn’t own. Where we have freedom of speech. Obama used you tube for criminal psyops to take guns from the American People.

  69. For all the trollers, we know who you work for :
    Lenny Pozner (Hiring) | $24-45/Hr – Apply in seconds

    Lenny Pozner Positions Available. Hiring Now. Apply Today. Salaried. Part Time. Full Time. Hourly Positions. Internship. Seasonal. Types: Full Time Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Seasonal Jobs, Internships.

  70. This whole mess stinks of Eric Holder

  71. Sandy Hook isn't censored on Minds. …yet…

  72. Wolfgang is a trash bag of a human being that drove a man to suicide. Fuck that dude.

  73. What is wrong with people? This is insane…. I can't believe this! I feel so bad for the families that has to go through these conspiracy theories. This is horrible…

  74. Alex Jones is a Zionist sellout bullshit artist. Completely unAmerican & disgusting how he is hurting and harassing these families.

  75. This gentleman is being harassed because he is searching for the truth?! Orwellian USA incorporated folks .

  76. "I'm going to do it pro bono." Meathead.

  77. They are going around the country with their freak show, joining forces with Santa Fe and Parkland! The local Region IV ESC allowed them to meet there!~! This has GOT to stop!

  78. Lenny the Pozer NEVER showed up even one time in court, he sent his sleazy lawyers instead. The reason he dropped the case is because he was told he had to show up in court and bring proof of his identity and BOOM! that's all it took. Suit dropped.

  79. I really wish Jake Morphonios would watch and just pay attention and objectively go over these points. I really think hes a good person, I dont know why he is reacting the way he has been. This was a very good interview, Nathan did a great job on this.

  80. This event is so obviously staged and fake that even the shills don't know how to defend it. " a friend's child died" "I knew someone who worked with someone who lost a child" My cousin's employer said he knew someone who died" lol Thanks Obama, for bringing us this stupid hoax. Wolfgang, I hope you get to the bottom of this whole mess.

  81. Go get them we all know the whole story was BS

  82. Regardless of what you think happened or didn’t happen this conversation is a manifestation of freedom. Anybody on the side of shutting down conversation either doesn’t know history, has been indoctrinated by the system or worst of all knows exactly what they are doing. Look throughout time at any society who dictated what it’s people could talk about and realize what we’re up against.

  83. Why was there black mold slime all over the building, low enough to contaminate the kids' lungs, faces, hands & legs? Why was there a JAGGED METAL POLE on the playground staircase — low enough to gouge out some little kid's eye? Why was the 2008 ASBESTOS all over the building never removed? Perhaps a class in civil procedure for you ?? Signed, Certified Legal Assistant.


  85. OK wait … That was Jones's LAWYER who told you to never call them again — Not Alex. The fact that Jones changed his story proves his attorney had an agenda, which is —- "Don't go into the facts. Plead psychotic episode because the penalties will be less." Signed, Certified Legal Assistant. (I know that game.)

  86. They are trying to flood Wolfgang with court costs and paperwork till he’s broke. They have 0 intention to show up in court! Lawyers know this!

  87. Who Held the contract with the "Crisis Actors", who pretended to be parents that day? No death certificates have been released. Why can't we the People file against these creeps and those in Law Enforcement in SANDY HOAX, ….. C O N N E C T I C U T. There is a Gang of Dark Force, Deep State gangsters involved in this massive felony . This fraudulent event needs to end with these Thugs locked up in the Gray Bar Hotel. The baloney sandwiches are delish, you bunch of frauds. Connecticut State Government personnel, involved in this FRAUD, need to do time too, and spend every penny they'll ever have in their pockets to defend themselves in a CREDIBLE court of DUE PROCESS. RESTORE THE SMITH MUNDT ACT. Our Black President " Modernized the SMITH MUNDT Act", (May 10, 2012), just in time for this fraudulent event to be ACTED OUT as a gun grab False Flag event of great TYRANNY, against America.

  88. I pray for your safety and that truth will prevail ! You are a real patriot ! God bless you sir

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