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Noted Sandy Hook investigator/activist, Wolfgang Halbig, joins me for a live interview to discuss the latest in his legal battles with alleged Sandy Hook parent, Lenny Pozner.

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  1. Long time no see, good to see you back!

  2. Also this and the other videos with halbig need to be made into a documentary movie and strongly supported.

  3. At a time when everyone has a camera, when every school has security video, when every police car has dash cams with a date and time stamp, we have zero pictures, zero video and zero audio.

    We have "This person on TV said this…" We have "These signed documents said XYZ happened."

    At Columbine, we have…
    PICTURES of kids evacuating the school.
    VIDEO of kids evacuating the school.
    PICTURES of scared kids hiding.
    VIDEO of scared kids hiding.
    PICTURES of the shooters with their weapons.
    VIDEO of the shooters with their weapons.
    AUDIO of the shots fired.
    PICTURES of wounded kids.
    VIDEO of wounded kids.
    PICTURES of bodies being removed from the school.
    VIDEO of bodies being removed from the school.
    VIDEO of injured kids being taken to hospitals.
    PICTURES of the aftermath, with bullet holes etc.
    Child witnesses who talked about being SCARED.
    Child witnesses who talked about hearing GUNFIRE.
    Child witnesses who saw the SHOOTERS.
    Child witnesses who CRIED about the memories.

    Of course, as expected, more were wounded than killed, and many were pronounced dead at HOSPITALS, where you are to be taken by ambulance or airlifted even if you have no pulse or breath.

    This was in 1999, when most people did not have cameras on their person, we have PICTURES, VIDEO, INJURIES, BLOOD, AFTERMATH, CRYING CHILD WITNESSES.

    At Sandy Hook, we have a guy talking into a microphone, and then another fat guy talking in front of some cameras, and then some kids who smile as they talk about the event, who say nothing about GUNSHOTS. Who say nothing about BLOOD. Who saying nothing about dead FRIENDS they knew. Who say nothing about friends and teachers screaming in terror "PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!" or "MOMMY HELP ME!!! Who never cry, who never seem sad about it, who never even frown.

    "We heard some noises (ruckus), and then they gave us cookies at the Fire House," is about as extreme as the testimony goes.

    But of course kids are too stupid to know what gunshots or even firecrackers sound like.
    They are too "stoic" to cry at the memory of classmates getting shot by gunfire.

    At Columbine we see KIDS. The KIDS are running around the school. Running into the school. Running away from the school.
    We see kids CRYING, because you know, traumatic things have happened. We see kids INJURED, because you know, they were assaulted with guns.

    We see all of this in 1999, when everyone did not have a camera with them.

    In 2012, when nearly everyone has a camera on them. We see…
    NO video of the shooter.
    NO crying kids.
    NO kids evacuating, exiting doors in a school of six hundred children.
    NO blood.
    NO bullet holes.
    NO injured kids.
    NO audio of the incident.

    The only thing we have is…
    A broken window.
    Some adults wearing camo running around in the woods.
    And then some fat men standing in front of a microphone.

    That is IT.

    The burden of proof, exists with those who make a claim about something that has no parallel comparison.
    Unique events, require equilateral proof, at a minimum.
    Unique events, are not afforded the luxury, of creating a condition, void of physical evidence, because we live in a PHYSICAL world, not in a TV.

  4. The links in my previous reply seem to have a space at the end causing them to not work. Please try the following links or remove the space at the end of one that does not work. For those who want to know more than what is presented in this video, please look at the documents in the links below, then ask yourself why the roofs of Sandy Hook school are in such poor condition. Now look at the progress of civil case Lenny Pozner VS Wolfgang Halbig. Then ask where is the voice communications log of 12/14/2012 between State Police helicopter, Trooper1, and the police on the ground and the log for the "Everyone Must Check In" sign. See 51 more questions here.


  6. Great interview Nathan, Thank God for Mr. Halbig what a wonderful man. I pray that God protects him and his family.
    What a sick government we have controlling us. Only a revolution will maga!

  7. Lee DeCoske is running a sock puppet campaign to discredit Sandy Hook truth.
    His puppet accounts include:
    Steven Waddock (Connecticut)
    Mavis Riley Junior (British)

    All of the above pos(t)ers I have dealt with directly are sock puppets of cointelpro government paid agents of disinformation. They will use dishonest debate techniques, in an attempt to convince others, that the government psycological operation and manipulations of the "truth" are fact.

    They will always use faked anecdotal "evidence" in their attempts to "convince". Anecdotal "evidence", is the kind of "evidence", that a con man uses, to perpetrate a fraudulent con game.

    ALWAYS demand scientific type empirical evidence. Empirical evidence is the kind of evidence a scientist would use to support and prove a theory. It is the kind of evidence, that when presented, you can see for yourself, what is and is NOT "real".

    Please take notice, that the supporters of any "official" government version, of any of these staged events, will STRONGLY resist, any fact that can be proven with empirical evidence.

    These "events", which are being staged more and more, and faster and faster these days, are nothing more than propaganda, disinformation, and an attempt at controlling your mind.

    Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbles said, "If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe the lie". He also said, "If you control the mind, the body will follow".

    Don't fall for these lies.

  8. The dominoes are are starting to fall. Vance is pooping in his pants. He will do time for falsifying a crime. Same with Malloy.

  9. God Bless you Wolfgang!! You have undergone amazing suffering!! Get a personal trainer and get fit!! We need you around along time!!

  10. God Bless you Wolfgang!! You have undergone amazing suffering!! On Guard!! They will bury you as well as all your question!!

  11. Pozner son died also died in Pakastani shooting? Read up on Eric Holder and Project Longevity, Agenda 21, Libor Scandal, Cults MRA and UWP in Connecticut for decades, singing a lot at the Super Bowl, the Masonic Lodge, and Fairfield Mental Hospital with it's tunnels underneath where alleged experiments were done. Scary!

  12. SHAMDY CROOKS! Funny, read an old article abt ol Lenny who was described as a "FORMER right-wing conspirator." hmmm He made a deal w the Obama devil I wud guess. GET EM WOLF!!!!!

  13. DAVID The Pig Faced HOGG is the new Lenny Posner.

  14. Wolfgang is the man!

  15. Wolfgang the rottweiler- never letting go of this until opponent is defeated.

  16. Conspiracy theorist bitching and crying about being harassed after harassing the victims and families of Sandy Hook?


  17. This guy is NOT the run of the mill conspiracy theorist. He's a bonafide government investigator who's sole cause is to protect people. Why a good attorney can't get him some legitimate exposure is beyond me. There are more red flags in the Sandy Hook incident than there are in all the other conspiracies combined.

  18. Found it, thanks for all that you do!

  19. I mourned greatly for the Pozner boy, first when he died in sandy hook, then when he died in Pakistan! Let us all pray for the boy that died twice in two different shootings, in two different countries…what a tragedy!

  20. Anyone else think L Pozner might be mossad with dual citizenship ?

  21. You know that it was a false flag when they put their forced definition of it under each and every video about Sandy Hook. This is ridiculous. This is America, isn't there ANY hondent judges who feel like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH about this stupid and tragic event??? What the hell? Any Judges? Scalia maybe?? No, they killed him. We really need to get to the bottom of Sandy Hook and now.

  22. I'll tell you how they responded. The 911 operator calls the Connecticut State police and says, "Hey, guess what's going down in Newtown?". That is how the fucking 911 operator announced the mass shooting to the Connecticut state police. Read the transcripts and listed to the recordings. Remember, China wants us disarmed. Remember, Malloy went to china and then when he came back and was asked what he meant when he said, "We've been told that something like this would unfold in our county".. Malloy says, "That was another Malloy, I didn't say that..". What the fuck??

  23. As of August 21, 2018 Pozner dropped the lawsuit. The media said nothing. They announced the lawsuit, but not the dropping. Typical. I was asking "What the hell could he sue him for" and was told "because he put Poisoners name on his website. I just now found out from Halbig that it was emotional distress. So why did he drop? I'll tell you why? Because anything could happen in court. I hope Halbig is being funded. The lawsuit costed $3300. That lawyer was stupid to include the toner cartridges. Good lawyers are hard to find. Man, I'd take this case if I had the license. Does everyone know that Boston was fake too? Listen, watch THE BOSTON UNBOMBING and then keep watching other things. My God, they don't even try to hide it. They know two things a) 3/4 of Americans will follow this media to the bitter end. And B) there's nothing that the other 25% can do. When the hammer comes down, are they going to kill those of us who are awake? I think they will. I don't mind dying but I'd hate to be tortured. I don't guess they'd torture unless they wanted information and they HAVE the information. I digress. This Halbig is a true American patriot .. I have said in other videos. WITH HIS NEWEST FINDING THAT NEITHER FOOD NOR MILK WAS BEING DELIVERED TO SANDY HOOK, HALBIG NEEDS TO HAVE SECURITY. WE MUST FUND THIS GUY TO HAVE HIS HOME PROTECTED THERE ARE 10 MILLION SANDY HOOK DOUBTERS. SEND ONE DAMN DOLLAR.

  24. Wolfgang this is a man that has good manners excellent credentials and stood when so many never heard a word out of his mouth and called him a hater HE WAS NEVER DISRESPECTFUL If these ppl lost children why dont they want to know the truth. Any parent who has lived this horror knows you need the truth not secrets. Wolfgang you stand against corruption went most men coward. Thank you for your bravery TRUE AMERICAN

  25. Wolfgang stay tough big man … the truth comes with so much pain ….
    You are an great American !
    A true example of a beautiful mind.

  26. This dude is an idiot. You don’t call “trauma helicopters” if you don’t have any viable victims. A police officer is trained on what is “obvious signs of death” ( lividity, rigor mortis, visible brain matter ect). You do not need a doctor to say someone with visible brain matter is dead. A doctor has to sign the death certificate, they do not have to say a person is non viable, and thus does not require transport to the hospital. As a paramedic, I’ve made that call on well over 100 people. The tin foil hat burgage continues to show their absolute lack of basic knowledge of first line emergency care.

  27. I would love to help this guy Wolfgang out. Hey Wolfgang, if you need help with your fight I'd love to help you out!

  28. Sandy hook was a total fraud carried out by the deep state to sway public opinion on gun control. They're trying to disarm the American people so they can usher in the New World Order, that is the simple and plain truth. Anybody with a quarter of a brain, who has looked into this subject, would see that. Peace.

  29. How can you get killed twice?Pozner boy got killed in India a couple of years after Sandy hook. Not only is it the same boy, it's the same fucking photohraph..

  30. Thanks we all need truth

  31. Probably a big reason why they shut down Alex Jones. Sure he is a character and plays a news actor/anchor, in a way in kinda genius because many dismiss what he has to say all the while many times hes correct or at the very least on the right track with his information.

    Deep state is scared because people like Wolfgang, Alex, Qannon are lifting the Veil on truth, showing people the spin as Q said up is down,down is up, ect. With the right set of eyes you can truly see this at play. Its fascinating in that how deep corruption can truly go and how willing people are to consed their trust to others that have no loyalty or oath to them.

  32. Mueller has been legit involved in everything from sandy hook to 911 seems like every dirty psyop he’s involved except for law vegaa

  33. And here I am, in August of 2018 & I'm still curious about this and still looking into the whole thing.

    That alone proves that WE as a Nation will never quit questioning this thing, no matter who calls us "crazy" or mentally unstable, or any other dismissive names.

    I can promise you that in 10, 15, 30, YEARS from now there will STILL be MANY people asking questions and seeking answers, There are Legions of us, and we're not going to go quietly away.

  34. According to the FBI there were zero murders in Newtown Conn. in 2012.
    Explain that.

  35. This is how they teach people who tell the truth what happens…lenny pzner is an evil eveil character…he is either an CIA or FBI asset…you can be sure he isnt funding this case himself…this cant be legal to run up a massive legal bill against someone who speaks the truth…the lease Mr Halbig should get out of this is his legal bills paid by this scumbag and an official apology…Pzner is a fake character and probably the most professional fulltime creation of the Sandy Hook farce…there could never be a court case…Pozner would have to provide all sorts of proof, which we all know he couldnt…dont let this go…drag this piece of evil scum through the courts and expose the whole thing..

  36. Crime scene photographs? Autopsy reports?
    There is zero primary source evidence of a CMI.

  37. The report did finally release and I did a cursory read. It's just a pile of non-specific BS. Most of it is probably made up, but what wpuld you expect?

  38. Time to find out who he is. I suspect he was a paid pawn, they have nothing to lose with another lie.

  39. Stop it Wolfgang
    Yes to Sandy Hook Investigation
    No to believing in Trump

  40. Hartford Courant is pronounced Hartford current

  41. A response I made to a pos(t)er below, with a small contextual addition, seems generally applicable:

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence — including exhumed bodies, or better yet, proof of the dead bodies before they were allegedly "buried." The Sandy Hook fiasco has identically zero evidence to support the official narrative, and answers to Wolfgang's simple, rational questions and requests have not been given. Instead, he has been met with threats and stonewalling. Something in Sandy Hook smells like a dead tuna that has been rotting on the sandy hook beach for the past six years.

  42. The State Police of today are riddled with corruption. Look at what is currently going on with the Massachusetts State Police. It seems like pretty much every authority and institution has become corrupted. Pretty sad. I have the utmost respect for Wolfgang's tenure as a State trooper — that was many years ago. Look at how he was illegally stonewalled by the police when he simply tried to view some documents at United Way in CT. Wolfgang's tenacity is epic. Keep fighting the good fight, Wolfgang!



  45. Omg it’s pronounced “Hartford current”
    Love the channel

  46. Wolfgang! Woot! You go, guy!

  47. Just look at Wolfgang. So many years, so much information gained through freedom of information and NOT ONE thing that has come out of his twisted mind is given any evidence. The only thing he has done is rake victims families through hell trying to reinforce his conspiracy theories. Causing real harm to real grieving people. The real monsters are the shooters and then the people who try and blame the victims families for being "Actors". What a bunch of pig shit.

  48. Sandy Hook was a gun grab hoax. Ppl who say they don't see this are either blind sheep or bad actors. Enjoy your chains!

  49. Bro you gotta write some questions down and things. You try and do a nice job but you leave so so so much on the table

  50. Why doesn’t this guy and Alex Jones team up

  51. Never forget this fact: THE TRUTH DOESN’T FEAR INVESTIGATION! think about it.

  52. This is one sick country. We are all sick on one level or another letting this kind of psy-op to go down in the first place.

  53. New update invoices from the schools food vendors show no food was delivered to the sandy hook school since 9-1-2012 .

  54. Wolfgang, of course there is a God! How do you think you got here? Silly boy.

  55. Phillip Franklin is an uneducated simple man. he has removed my reply from here. he is a coward. take off your blinders simpleton. see the tyranny that surrounds us. Wolfgang should be praised for his dedication to the truth. he has sacrificed all, in the pursuit of truth. he is a true hero.

  56. Faith in Donald Trump? Hilarious, he didn't expose anything about 911, hes been flip flopping on everything hes ever said, his faith is misplaced and Sandy Hook will stay the way it has been

  57. Imagine that… didn’t show up…Somewhere someplace I have this vision of some think tank at the CIA or some such agency… This is how we are going to get them to turn their weapons in…Scary scary we will present these morons with… I wonder if that same think tank realizes that they are going to create a pool of people that will oppose this agenda and be more prepared than ever to fight back… Especially when they present you with a false flag that has more wholes than the current titanic…
    Mostly people with this intent would want to stay quiet like a mouse… So , we’re not going to hear from them on our already monitored internet…I wonder how many.. ???

  58. Glad to see all the caller's were so supportive of Wolfgang.

  59. Why did they leave the children’s bodies in the school overnight?

  60. Phillip Franklin is either an absolute blind fool, or he’s Lenny Pozner. Not sure which?

  61. Wow I follow u and when I looked this up it was like 30+ down my search list …

  62. The only thing that these deepstate scumbags respond to is a bullet to the head. People need to be more aggressive with these scumbagss, if they threaten you, hunt and kill everyone who threatened you and your family, kill them before they kill you. If perkins coie is suing you into submission, kill them, you wont win when the judges and courts are rigged against you, the only possible way to win is to have at least 100 million net worth, or to kill the ones suing you… This is the only way. Honor and integrity only apply to people that attempt to have honor and integrity. Tryin to beat these people legally is like trying to fight a demon from hell with a subpoena. You can only stop a demon from hell with bullets to its head. You are dealing with people 100% devoid of morality, aka extremely intelligent animals/machines, not humans. Wolfgang, please be safe. I assume you have a weapon because you are former military and state police, but what about when you sleep? What about when you leave your house for work, how do you know they didnt break into your house and poison your food. Please hire some security, wear a armor vest at all times, record your movements, keep cameras all around your house that run 24/7, build a safe room or tunnels and use your house as a decoy, or always be on the move. They will try everything, they have zero qualms about killing you, these people are wolves, the only laws they abide by are kill or be killed.

  63. Sounds like a paid gang stalker…watch Ponzer will disappear.

  64. Wolfgang is the person who will exposed who really is the real Alex Jones and his INFOWARS.

  65. Don't ya love how dumb they think we are? First Hurricane Sandy took a left hook and hits Sandy Hook beach in N.J, then a Sandy Hook shooting. That is no coincidence. Not only is the shooting a false flag but the hurricane was steered in our direction with chemicals. Wake up people

  66. I can't believe how many evil people came out and attacked this man! The shills were relentless! They weren't expecting anyone to question them, when someone did…every one of the lying pieces of crap attacked him! They know if the truth comes out they're finished! I pray that the truth does finally comes out…and the evil of these deep state traitors is known! There aren't enough prisons in the country to hold them all!

  67. For the first time in history in court the goverment didnt show up lost wolf gang victory now the american people will not know cnn abc nbc cbs fox news will not have it on there network its going to be hard to beat the goverment when they controll everything Barak Hussain Obama should be in prision for life period and all the sandy school actors parents should be in prision for life Wolf Gang has proven that what he has said about sandy hook is facts his only hope is that TRUMP will help him In GOD We trust is what america is

  68. I just called Wolfgang and spoke with him directly over the phone. After commending him for his strength, courage, integrity and honor I stated to him: "Wolfgang, the very BEST thing that you can do RIGHT NOW is to compile and make a video recording of ANY and ALL evidence you have that supports the credentials you and others claim you have. Any and all photos, awards, diplomas, certificates, etc. you acquired as a teacher, principle, State Trooper, Federal School Safety Official, etc. Make a video recording documenting ANY and ALL pieces of evidence you have that will verify and confirm your outstanding credentials. Because, unfortunately, there are people who will think you are a lunatic or psychitzophrenic who is just making all of that up… and the opposition will certainly be striving to make you out to be just exactly that." He replied: "That is a good point." So DO IT, Wolfgang!!!

  69. He's anti immigrant and pro trump… I wish I understood the mentality of a person who is aware of gov lies and social engineering and yet believes in a pedo puppet to end pedophilia… just someone enlighten me because it's doing my head in…. It wasn't "immigrants" that are changing your America. Most immigrants come here because they like the American way of life and want to assimilate… ffs just get a clue…

  70. Donald Trump won’t do anything.

  71. What do think of those channels that go after people raising questions about the official narrative? Here is one example, who seems determined to bad mouth anyone who raises questions. –> NOTE: There is proof of Memory Hole efforts against any information questioning the official narrative of S.H. There is now clear proof of wiping away information, and making it very hard to even find information via popular search engines. In the last few months there was a complete stripping of certain videos from many platforms, heavy shadowing banning, and other info that is extremely difficult to find. The only way to find it appears to be the use of advanced search engines, or knowing someone who has a copy. Examples of widely disappearing and suppressed items, include the document, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook by Independent Media Solidarity; and the documentary, Unraveling Sandy Hook In 2, 3, 4, and 5 Dimensions by Sonfia Smallstorm; and the book, Nobody Died at
    Sandy Hook, published by Moon Rock Books. Even their sites seem to go down or hard to access from time to time. Most everyone should be in high alert and talking about this clear banning of information. You may wish to secure copies on this subject and other topics.

  72. Does Mr Pozner not want the best for other US schoolkids? Could he not be asked to agree the state and its hold baks are decreasing safety at other US schools – hundred-thousands of them opened this monring at 9 without full understadning of how this event ot as bad as it did.

  73. @Lift the Veil
    If the apparent elder siblings who sang at Superbowl were in each case the same gender as the reported deceased – in the 20 relevant cases – then a consistency with conspiracy or hoax is found – that the singing child's memorabilia had been posed as that of a younger sister or brother, murdered at the school. Not a proof, of course – but something Occam's Razor would have to address, or would clear up when a pure Adam Lanza mass murder was proven. And in turn that fact could be proven by tapes Wolfgang has asked for. Which he admits is a risk, the discovery how these people were shot, so many, by just one, that fast, that fatally; that this was the reaction or lack of it.
    Wolfgang sadly admits that this is a possibility, that a little town had mental illness case gone this far wrong. But as per school safety. waiting so long for the evidence, may itself have done harm

  74. I thought it was odd that all the parents going in and out of the firehouse were dressed in casual clothes like jeans etc. Newtown is a wealthy town with many professionals (My sister lived there for years, moved months before the incident) did they go home and change out of their work clothes before picking up their children? I guess it’s possible….

  75. The evidence shows nobody died at sandy hook elem it's not a conspiracy it's a fact

  76. "Nobody Died At
    Sandy Hook"
    by Webster Tarpley.

  77. lenny P. just a jew shill

  78. protecting bloomberg, blumenthal, pelosi, lieberman,schumer

  79. The video "sloppy sniper" is the most proof anyone has ever uncovered regarding the hoax in my opinion

  80. Great stuff . But find another way to take callers . Mr . Halbig , thank you can never be enough . You are a brave man and a great American . Be safe .

  81. I am 71 years old. I have just began listening to alternative news.
    This is really frightening for me. Can not believe that I have been blind for so long.
    Without becoming a TI (Targeted Individual) I might never have found you. There is even a good side to torture … my mind is being forced open … no more trust in the government … now know what the deep state is capable of.
    This man is incredible! Even being a TI did NOT make me question Sandy Hook … don’t know how much it will take to totally wake me up!!!
    At least I get a peek at reality before this slow kill is totally successful in its aim!

  82. Been reviewing Sandy Hook.
    There were funerals for the children.
    Do you believe that the funerals were just a hoax also?
    I am confused.

  83. It just turned 2019. Any updates?

  84. it was a fake shooting an excuse for a gun grab

  85. Wolfgang is full of shit

  86. Actions speak Volumes. PAY ATTENTION TO THE RESPONSE ! Why does the janitor need a lawyer to tell him when to answer a question ?

  87. And…. is a jew. How could you not know this? It is very important as you know.

  88. Wankers pure and simple….

  89. Lenny Pozner doesn't owe you shit. He lost his son at Sandy Hook in the shooting. He does not need to appease conspirators. This Halibig piece of shit have been harassing this man for years. Pozner is one of the few fighting back against this criminal activity. Stop bothering the parents and families of dead children you stupid ducks. You have no clue about the shit you embellish in your brain. This is a tool for some scumbag to make money by clickbait. This site will be removed. Get lost and learn how shit happens in life.

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