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    Who knows what will happen to YouTube once Doshi is fully banned. I see disaster in its future.

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    Put the word out…YouTube is totally corrupt. Eventually Alphabet company will only be hosting teenage crap and all serious adults will have migrated elsewhere.

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    They went after a comment I put on a major media channel. Actually switched the comment on me making it violent and threatening, and I was in disbelief choosing to delete it of course. I'm discussed with the left and the lengths they will go to in order to censor people who they don't agree with.

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    Only the MSM is allowed to interpret events. That's their job, not ours. Now, shut up, and follow the Lemmings to your Marxist Utopia once we dethrown the Nazi DJT with our Russian Conspriacy Theory and instruct you on the facts of Russian Bots invading our social media!! Russia Russia Russia. Run in circles scream and shout! The Sky is RAINING RUSSIANS!!!!!

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    Why go to twitch? Everybody else has moves to Dtube or bitchute.

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    They can only mess with you, if you monetize. They use algorithms to keep non monetized channels off the search results. If you are not monetizing, they cannot copyright strike you. Most people do not realize why you get that strike. It is because you are using something they create, and are using it against them. Others will have music flag their video, even a 10 second part. Remove that 10 secs, and tada you are back in business. They use copyrights to censor claiming the copyright owner does not want to be attached to it.

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    that claim by the uni man about google raking in the ad money as they went to more "extreme" videos, is funny, considering, cutting the flow of advertising is the first thing google does in all it's companies

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    look at record on how many times they can orbit, now look at how long it took to go to the moom,do the math

  10. Avatar

    I wonder when they will "crack down" on those who have faith in Jesus the Christ..? we will be persecuted..

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    Space does not exist, neither do satellites, even north-korea is a hoax, never has an atom ever been split, dinosaurs never lived, evolution is a fallacy, Earth is not a spinning sphere with curved water stuck to it in a vacuum.
    DEATH to the NWO, ALL those in the know, their kin, pets, and trees in their garden.

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    F*ck YouTube! There are other options!

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    That’s over the line. When set to private. Another police state like that is Pinterest. They actually tell me what I can save to my own private account. I haven’t been on Pinterest for almost two years. Why would I ever go back?

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    Media is weaponized. Hasn’t it always been this way?

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    Use this website another video platform called Real Video owned by real player Alex Jones Transferred over to this website from August 2018

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    Or use Facebook video Platform Another Source

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    Internet censorship have gone too Far

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    I'm not interested in the mainstream views, or what Wikipedia or YouTube administrators views, i'm interested in the views of ordinary people and the content creatirs views, that's the whole point of coming to YouTube to watch something instead of sitting in front of the TV. This goes way beyond just not recommending videos, I actively search for videos on conspiracy theories daily and usually it will give me one or two results of videos on conspiracies, usually a few months old, and then a dozen completely off topic videos that I'm not interested in, that sensorship shouldn't happen when I'm actively searching for that specific content.

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    If YouTube deletes it then it’s real

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