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  1. Tom Hanks should be arrested for murder. He so much as said he did it on his Instagram. He was also in the area. But they probably won’t arrest him bc they don’t arrest pedophiles.

  2. Just hearing about Jake bashing on you. I don't follow you steady but have donated before and will again today. You are far more intelligent than Jake who masquerades arrogance as intelligent. Not sure I've heard your discussions on sandy hook. Personally I don't know, But there are very strange circumstances

  3. I hope Michael Whalen is okay

  4. So he said all the people that he was trying to expose he now feels like he's one of them. Was he not trying to expose pedophiles? He also said he took the bait. Was the bait a kid? I don't think we'll ever get answers to these questions.

  5. It are the things you don't tell that get you killed.

  6. So I guess the topic of exposing Hollywood pedophilia is now off topic for everyone. Kappy is dead because of it, so who's going to dare speak of it again? Do you see the problem here?

  7. He was a part of a psyop and didn't wanna play ball anymore. Pretty obvious. He was murdered, dead men don't talk. Lift the Veil is a part of the same psyop.

  8. Is it possible someone offered him a very large sum of money if he would "do the same thing" he calls people out for pertaining to children.. perhaps this person made a video tape or has 'proof' he did the unthinkable to blackmale him.. and in this way they could get him to shut up once and for all? After the fact he could not live with himself? Can someone please tell me if they think this theory holds any water?

  9. It didn't happen. There was no accident on I-40 in Arizona that day. Check the facts for yourself: https://www.navbug.com/accident_on/arizona/i-40.htm

  10. dont worry. isaac is in israel sucking off his masters.

  11. So frustrating presenters getting distracted by the live chat. Will rather listen about this news on another channel. This could have all been done in half an hour if it was properly prepared.

  12. Clasically mentally ill. Who cares. Waste of 02.

  13. Kappy killed himself i see tge actual video. There was not just two teenagers there and it was a lorry that he hit not a pick up. He seemed to of fell rather than jump. People who havnt seen the video shouldnt run their FRIGGING mouths

  14. He may have gambled for VERY high stakes (Frivolous/trivial decision for greed )
    Mega cash OR his life..( NOT suicidal )
    Just a thought.
    Jane x

  15. Kappy didn’t hurt a child.
    Kappy didn’t blow his own tire out.
    Kappy didn’t commit suicide.
    Kappy was speaking of JESUS when he spoke of the King coming back.
    Kappy alluded to different aspects of “going to, finding the light.” ALL originally emanating from JESUS.
    Kappy’s murder is devastating for a substantive number of us.
    May the Most High God keep Kappy.
    May the Most High God bless each and every one of you on the other side of this screen.

  16. This video does not show up in the youtube search for "Isaac Kappy" even though it has more views that almost every other video result.. the algorithm even returned some spanish/non English videos and still didn't show this one. Information Warfare …

  17. – Might be DT, Jr.?
    – Isaac appears to be a Jesus believer. There are no perfect Jesus followers. Forgiveness IS because God is Love and that’s the reason Jesus died. In his overwhelming guilt, maybe Isaac continued to be arrogant in not believing that Jesus’s blood and God’s grace is more than enough for his own sinful choices.
    – so sorry that Isaac is no longer with us here on Earth
    – July 4th there will be FIREWORKS over Mt. Rushmore for the first time since 2009. It will truly be Independence Day from the deep state/one worlders. Maybe Isaac pictured that he would be in prison or killed? He doesn’t appear to speak as he will miss the celebration due to suicide, but maybe due to taking the punishment for his transgression.

  18. Nathen, listen clearly to when the dog starts to make noises you can hear someone say "stop" or "shut" up he was not alone during that last message…

  19. JFK Jr. has been dead since 1999.

  20. Most likely, those aware of the kiddy fiddlers, are because they at one time were involved at least once. However the random location and random method is quite suspect. It would seem like those who stood to be exposed were expecting him to confess and take them with him.
    The teenagers recent history will likely be hidden but taken into account the activity he was claiming and likely what he intended to confess, those likely to be a part of it, teenagers would be there to provide questionable testimony.
    That letter is very much, a pre confession confession, working up to the worst confession of all and that threat was likely what killed him (kiddy fiddler extortion of government officials).

  21. If he jumped in front of a truck how can there be no witnesses? The truck driver for one surely and what about other drivers if he landed on a highway ?
    Witnesses too young??? Cameras were off??? Isaac stressing that he is not suicidal..I dont know…
    Anyone heard anything about the truck driver ?

  22. "I'm not suicidal" well i have said that aloud also, but then soon later fell into brooding over the matter again

  23. Hey nate fuck u blood is on your hands now…………

  24. his kill switch went off on here..now they are taking it down fast!

  25. kappy had kids he loved i dont beleiev he jumped

  26. He was NOT suicidal.. and I think his account was hijacked… what he wrote in that letter doesn't sound like him at all

  27. Qanon is a cult movement of morons who think a predatory system is made of anything other than predators

  28. Really LTV you should PLEASE do more live shows on youtube
    because i can't follow you to all those other platforms
    and i enjoy your shows so much.

  29. Something big is coming July 4 2019 ! Isaac kappy is part of the darkness , Q is part of the darkness , it’s all one big Masonic deception . The anti christ will be coming to light and will deceive many ! He will be loved and people will think the world of him ! He is not Christ ! Pray and read your Bible folks ! GOD Bless !

  30. Oh God is he really dead that you really comes off my apologize God I'm crying now I'm sorry

  31. I have antisocial personality disorder and schizophrenia I'm so sorry I can't help myself I'm so sorry

  32. He was offered into Illuminati and he refused and he went out as a beautiful soul that's so f**** truth Let It Go my father is a multi-billionaire and that's the truth

  33. My father is a multi-billionaire and we are f**** crazy a s*** that's what's going on for World takeover it I don't care anymore

  34. You have to take over the worlds because we can't do it anymore please rise up

  35. He did it because everything has to be exposed everything do you not realize what's going on in the world everything has to be exposed is truth and we have to let everybody know what's going on please awake yourselves

  36. There are people killing babies and they're going to f**** kill me for telling you this understand the truth is out there I don't care anymore I'm not afraid to die they are chewing babies that's the truth I don't know what else to say they will move you

  37. I only just heard. I am so sad and in shock. RIP Isaac, a true hero.

  38. Maybe it was an accident. His tyre was bust so he strolled down the road a bit and was just looking from the bridge he saw 2 guys coming his way and because he was paronoid he might of been wanting to get away from them and the guys thought he was going to jump so with out much thought forced his way from them and fell

  39. Its odd that he has a suicide note. Yet said he was not suicidal on his last video. Then allegedly writes a suicidal letter. BUT, in the odd case of events, his vehicle breaks down, in the middle of nowhere & 2 teenagers, again in the middle of nowhere, happen to be on this lonely road, & overpass all at the same time?!
    Where's the 911 call? Where's the photos of his vehicle that police would have taken photos of as well?
    Just doesn't make sense at all

  40. I can’t believe he is dead! This is so wrong and we all know it.

  41. I’d this really his body?? He sure was out there! I followed him for awhile but he just got too weird.

  42. I remember last time I watched him on periscope quite a few months ago he was hiding out in Australia because he thought he was getting killed and I thought why on earth do you show the cabin and area you are at plus what country you are in if you are so scared. After that I stopped following or watching him. He got nuttier and nuttier!

  43. On drugs?? I don’t think he was ever on these show where he was not on drugs. Higher than a kite made it extremely hard to watch him more than 10 minutes even though he had an compelling story but he needed to get into treatment.

  44. He truly was a nut! He needed to grow up and get off drugs!

  45. Fantastic interview! Your cat wanted lots of love she kept looking up at you. Ahhhhhh. Thanks for sharing this. These Qanon are whacked!

  46. If you listen carefully to what he says it seems clear that he gambled away a sizable donation to his welfare, borrowed from a shark to get it back, lost and paid the price. That checks all the boxes of traitor, betrayal, gambling, didn’t want to name the shark etc

  47. July 4 2019? It’s May. Wtf?

  48. How do these people get away with this stuff ?!
    With all cameras !

  49. Nobody ever says on camera oh yes I am suicide…

  50. Lift the veil killed kappy .

  51. What was really terrible was he was lying the whole time and ripped of good people for thousands you knew this tho. Cos you were in on it. You sick fraud.

  52. Another Qtard…he jumped.

  53. So "An Open Secret" is apparently trying to debunk the notion that Kappy was murdered. Does anyone remember what the big dustup with An Open Secret was, last year or 2017? All I know is they blocked me on Twitter. LOL.

  54. TMZ, lol….fucking pig shit they are! Pure bollix!

  55. He wasn’t talking about JFK Jr lol Jesus

    He was talking about Trump Jr

  56. You can't be a whistle-blower and a 'patriot' and a hollywood actor at the same time.

  57. an attempt to entangle POTUS in this? [and its related issues]?

  58. Go too siXX is designs page and listen to the EMS communications.. they said his car was parked at the days Inn and it had a blown out tire, the other part was they discribe the person to have a ponytail? I thought he had short hair.. but whatever. Just check it out.

  59. Don't believe this… Kappy knew what he was talking about and was willing to put his life on the line so we would know the truth.
    Suicide? Really? It seems to me that everybody who is taken out their deaths are blamed on Suicide. Wow, don't they know we see through their lies.

  60. Nobody kill him. He got wasted.. lost all money (whoever he got from which is suppose to settle that 8 months rental). As June is approaching, which he suppose to move out. Without any family, friends, to lend him some $$$.. he got panic.. doesn't have any clue on how to regain the trust from his roommate, he went back to his family for some $$$ but got denied.

    Someone interview his parents I suggest. Maybe they screwed up again but not lending him some $$$. He might seem like a loser to someone, but remember this… We don't design our life to be a failure. We fail because we please.

  61. That lady he was staying with fu$ked with his brain, heart and soul.

  62. Think of all the possibility with the bridge coming back from Mum's deserted location think of all the situation in a simulation that can take place in a situation like that

  63. he seems in total mind control in his video..it stinks abuse

  64. The TRUTH Always Comes Out. ALWAYS. …….

  65. 14:00 sounds written by somebody else

  66. How does someone "FORCE" themselves off a bridge? I dont believe he committed suicide, to many questions.

  67. Can't have Hollywood connected Jews talking about Arnon Milchan being a Mossad spy master.

  68. Guess what there are Millions of Q anon members!!! It is Not a Conspiracy theory!!! It is the truth!


  70. You do seem more worried about covering your own ass

  71. When you join the illuminati the price is your Soul!

  72. I see I am being shadow banned again!!!

  73. Yes First Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and now Isaac Kappy


  75. I mean if he did something that he thought was so terrible that does coinincide with being guilty. And deep guilt could lead to him thinking he deserved death. It’s possible he did kill himself, I think all of the trauma and fear from what he had been exposed to really f**ked with his head. Plus his last letter does make it plausable that he was in a state of despair, and disillusionment. The last letter he writes does sound like a farewell letter. I believe that he definitely could’ve killed himself. I could be wrong , and maybe I am. Only God knows the truth.

  76. TBh in some ways Isaac’s last video seems a little staged…Its all so bizarre

  77. So watched you. Wish you payed a little more respect. He was a lost tormented soul. So Sad more people didn’t respect him and love him more. Either true or not believe or not he deserves more love. He was tormented to tell his story’s. You need a bigger heart sometimes in your reporting. Worried about your Cat hair-A man just died. He’s a Hollywood actor- Stop acting numb!! Just saying!

  78. Where there is smoke there is fire. You sir are in the middle of that fire. Last interview? You just may be CIA. The theory is that you are the disinformation agent assigned to say, it was probably just suicide. Problem goes away in a few months. No more questions. Your previous interview is the set up. If nothing else, I have watched TV.

  79. Jesus is The King The light
    He was Judas to Vegan Mikey
    And Jr is Trump Jr
    Your Welcome

  80. I know that intersection. It is the overpass where the truck stop is west of Flagstaff. There are a lot more tall bridges to jump off of if somebody wanted to kill themselves. It would be hard to push him though without someone seeing it unless this happened in the middle of the night. More likely he was killed ahead of time and then dumped. The person in the pickup truck is probably involved as a fake witness. That would be hard for anyone to fake in the middle of the day that is a very busy intersection with semi trucks and travellers coming and going from the truckstop plus I think the National Guard base is right there. It looks to me that he was traveling from Elk jerky back to Los Angeles or vice versa like he always does. Someone knows his routine. Lots of places in LA or Albuquerque to off oneself.

  81. If we're taking care of how and what we say, nothing will change. Kappy died for a cause, and to let that die with him, would be just another crime. We shouldn't let his murder go in vain, and we should be shouting from the roof tops, not hiding in the shadows. Don't the babies and children deserve to be saved? Being a coward isn't the answer. If we want to end this evil, some of us are going to die, that's the reality.

  82. https://youtu.be/F3CIbk3At_8

    They got your money famalam

    It was never about saving kids.

    Shame on all of them.

  83. His Instagram Page was swiped and replaced with one post and one phrase..
    Isaac Kappy

    Humility Recipient

    They murdered him and destroyed his name as much as they could..

  84. what is going on? ro b er t qs ent me? is he hu rt? so rry be ing mod i guess

  85. I can’t believe he is actually gone. Just found this out yesterday. Poor Kappy. Really sad.

  86. He tried to out Epstein, one of president Trump's best friends. Clinton, Trump, Obama – doesn't matter. They are all corporate government chomos who do not give a royal fuck about you or I.

  87. Do we have the right to see post mortem photos?

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